The stakes of this decisive expertise are based on ultra specialized experience and systems that guarantee the occupant’s and the property’s safety. Whether commercial, institutional, industrial or residential, our fire protection design respects the specific conditions of your building by using the most recent codes and standards.

  • Integration and concealment of fire protection systems in the architecture.
  • Maximization of the benefit/cost ratio of the components.
  • Simplicity of building maintenance and operation, with predictable maintenance.
  • Integration of new technologies for the protection of assets.
  • Absolute risk reduction during construction and multidisciplinary coordination on site.
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For projects requiring highly specialized skills, CARBONIC will call on strategic partners to complement the expertise of its multidisciplinary team.

Key elements of success

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Not only determining the safety of the occupants, the success factors of a fire protection project also have an impact on the ease of its integration during the construction of the building.

  • Absolute minimization of the number of changes and contingencies on site.
  • Transparency of equipment & systems in the visual aspect of the architecture
  • Respect for budgets and high added value CARBONIC
  • Reliable sprinkler systems and predictable, easy maintenance.
  • Perfect accessibility of commands and controls.


Our DIME-eX approach of early advanced consultation with stakeholders is absolutely vital to the successful execution of a fire protection project.

It is very specifically at the mock-up and/or pre-design stage that we will be able to collaborate constructively with the other parties involved in order to establish preliminary coordination, anticipate installation conflicts and optimize solution choices.

Submission request

Do not hesitate to contact us for any construction or renovation project, we will do our best to make it a success story.


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