Mechanics of the building


Building mechanics is the most predominant discipline in the architecture of a building project. Its technological and energetic performance relies entirely on the high-level expertise of our experts who face a wide range of challenges.

• Integration and concealment of systems in the architecture while optimizing performance.
• Soundproofing of plumbing, drainage and ventilation systems.
• Maximization of the benefit/cost ratio of the components.
• Simplicity of building maintenance and operation, with predictable maintenance.
• Integration of new technologies into new or existing mechanical systems.
• Absolute reduction of construction risks and multidisciplinary coordination on site.

Key elements of success

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The factors that determine the success of a building services project are mainly related to the quality of life and comfort of the occupants. For the client, they also appear through the ease of engineering, construction and operation of the building.

• Thermal and sound comfort for occupants.
• High energy performance of the building.
• Minimization of the number of changes and unforeseen events during construction.
• Transparency of equipment and systems in the visual aspect of the architecture
• Respect of budgets and high added value CARBONIC
• Optimization of the mechanical room space
• Reliability of mechanical systems and predictable maintenance.
• Perfect accessibility of commands and controls.



Our DIME-eX approach of early consultation with stakeholders is absolutely vital to the successful execution of a building services project to ensure that it meets all the requirements for success.

Specifically, it is at the mock-up and/or pre-design stage that we will be able to constructively collaborate with architects and use REVIT to establish preliminary coordination, predict installation conflicts, 3D clearances and optimize solution choices.

Submission request

Do not hesitate to contact us for any construction or renovation project, we will do our best to make it a success story.


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