CARBONIC, a top-class employer

Endless challenges

We are an evolving company, with a forward-thinking approach to engineering and a visionary team of passionate people. We are advanced in the most efficient design technologies like REVIT and BIM.

No pencil pusher jobs here, just career challenges at the forefront of the market for those willing to take them up.

The individual above all

Far from being stuck behind our machines, we are very close to our employees. We take care of their personal development by creating a career plan tailored to their ambitions and skills. Furthermore, we support them with related knowledge improvement programs. We even offer a mentoring program for personalized onboarding.

Groundbreaking environment

We operate in a progressive work environment, set up in collaborative offices without assigned places to encourage social interaction. All advanced technologies are within reach. In addition, we strongly encourage teleworking and are virtually a borderless employer.

Priorities to human values

The company cares about the quality of life of its employees. For this reason, we promote teleworking, offer maximum flexibility for work-family balance and provide generous benefits program. Our management is close and always accessible. Listening is a priority.

Jobs available

Spontaneous application